Andrei Ilyin

Andrei Ilyin is a modern Russian writer (the circulation of his books is more than 6,5 million copies), an extreme traveler, survivist, author of the “Big Encyclopedia of Survival”, which was republished more than 20 times.

Five facets of biography

Extreme Travels:

  • several bicycle marathons, incl. length more than 7000 km;
  • made trans-sea (out of sight beaches) trips, autonomous navigation on life rafts (PSN-6, PSN-10);
  • made Trans-sea trips, autonomous voyages on sailing catamarans,
  • summer (at the peak of the heat) autonomous bicycle crossings through deserts:

– The Karakum;
– Kyzylkum;
– plateau Ust-Urt;
– Sands of the Great Badgers and others.

  • waterless pedestrian crossings in the Karakum desert, (without taken with them water supplies, with the provision of it on site, by evaporation from plants, urine, etc .;
  • traveled along the routes of ancient Novgorodians and Pomors on a six-meter sailing boat, the Sojm, built on technologies of the 11th-12th centuries and on the Pomor carbase (XII-XIV centuries);
  • made autonomous voyages on copies of ancient ships along the White and Barents Seas, in the regime of full autonomy with the maximum approximation to the realities of ancient navigation, i.e. without accompaniment, insurance, without the means of communication and rescue, without the use of modern navigation systems, etc.


  • Organized research expeditions and experiments on survival:

in the:

– summer and winter taiga;
– desert;
– steppe;
– open sea;
– tundra.

  • Extremal climatic conditions (high values ​​achieved during the experiment): Temperature maximum +51 degrees C in the shade (during the transition through the Karakum), minimum -52 degrees C (during the experiment in the taiga) -30-45 degrees C (in mountains, above the level of the forest without equipment and equipment). Hurricane on the Caspian Sea with a wind speed of over 35 m/s and a wave height of up to 11 meters. Bora, Sula and others in the Barents Sea. Sandstorms, snowstorms, etc. 122 kilometers passed during the 3.5-day dry water transfer in the Karakum Desert to the peak of the heat. Ten-day experimental hunger strike in the high seas according to the program of the Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine, etc.

Scientific work and publications on the topic of survival and self-salvation:

  • author of more than 100 scientific and popular articles on topics;
  • survival and self-salvation in central Soviet and Russian publications and specialized journals;
  • worked together with the Institute of Space and Aviation medicine, the KGB of the USSR, the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Geology of the USSR, Aerogeology;
  • conducted sections dedicated to survival and self-rescue in the media and Central and specialized journals.

The author of books on the theme of survival:

“Winter emergency situation”,
“Encyclopedia of Survival in Extreme Conditions”,

The series of books “School of Survival”: “First-priority actions in an extreme situation”, “How to avoid starving to death”, “Surviving in accidents and natural disasters”, etc.
“Popular Encyclopedia of Survival”
“SOS! Survival in the city”
“A Great Encyclopedia of Survival in Extreme Conditions” – 9 reprints,
“The book that will save your life” – 4 re-releases,
“Encyclopedia of Urban Survival” – 6 reissues.

Books on the theme of social survival:

“Practical guide to hunting for people” (20 re-editions)”
«A Practical Guide to Finding Happiness” (more than 10 re-editions).
“Female happiness from” A “to” I “. Guide to action”,
«Bitch from A to Z»,
“The Secret Guide for Women.”
“Survival School How to survive in an economic crisis”.

Literary Activity:

Andrei Ilyin – author of about two dozen detectives, published in a total circulation of more than 6,5 million copies, takes 1-5 points in the ratings of the authors of the genre of the detective genre in Russia.

The series “300 Years Later”:

  1. “Civil servants”
  2. “Mister Officers”
  3. “The Word of a Nobleman”
  4. “Master of detective work”

Series “Killer from the closet”:

  1. “Killer from the closet”
  2. “Lucky Shooter”
  3. “The Universal Soldier”
  4. “Cardboard warrior”

Series “Vow of Silence”:

  1. “Secret people”
  2. “Vow of silence”
  3. “Diversion”
  4. “Game on the Sortie”
  5. “Bomb for the Brotherhood”
  6. “Revisionist 007”
  7. “The wrestler of the invisible”
  8. “Mission is achievable”
  9. “Shadow of the Kontora”
  10. “We are from the Kontora”

“Law-abiding citizen”:

  1. “Law-abiding citizen”
  2. “Until the last drop”


  1. “The evil guns”
  2. “Real Colonel”

“Third Terrorist War”:

  1. “The Third Terrorist War”
  2. “Spy of federal significance”

– “The Balalaika”
– “To reach the horizon”
– “The History of the Height No. 6725”
– “As a man looking for happiness”

Books outside the series:

– “Criminal department”
– “Trap for Heroes”
– “Nine Negroes”
– “One Satan”

Art activities and cultural projects:

Several art exhibitions, residences and plein airs by Russian and European artists were held in the gallery “Art-Inсognito” in Berlin, and in the city of Budapest.

Andrei Ilyin organized and oversaw creative art actions in Europe: two plein airs and an exhibition at the main Berlin station “Hauptbahnhof”, an art presentation at the Parliament Square in Budapest, “Art Duel” by artists from different countries in Berlin, etc.

In Moscow he organized more than ten residences and exhibitions of artists from Moscow, Belarus, Crimea, Ukraine, Ufa, Kazan, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg and others.

Initiated and organized such art events as: “Art Nights”, “Art Marches”, “Street Modular Exhibitions”, etc.

Social projects and charitable activities:

Free consultations and psychological help for people caught in a difficult life situation.

YHC-Reboot (Youth Housing Cooperative) The project continues the tradition of the Soviet MJC, aimed at providing free housing for Russian youth.


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